had a bad dream last night. It wasn’t a nightmare exactly, like there weren’t ghosts or anything chasing me or something. More of, it was the situation I was in. Woke up to my alarm this morning and the dream finally ended. Woke up in a terrible mood, very upset. It reminded me straight away of when the girl dreams that her partner is cheating on her and gets angry at him the rest of the day/morning, haha. The thought of that cheered me up a bit, because before that thought I lost a lot of hope.

I don’t remember exactly what I dreamt about. I do know that it was some museum thing for students, I remember seeing a lot of Science students there. I think it was a tour for some course or something like that. Fish and I were supposed to go together, and there was a train station right under it with a few escalators going to different levels. We alighted the train/MRT and there was a huge crowd so we got swept apart and separated.. And then I spent the rest of the day trying to find him. I remember climbing a shit ton of stairs going from room to room trying to find him, texting “where are you” once in awhile.. All the replies were vague like “second floor” and quite short. But couldn’t find you. Even then lol actually I think I did wonder why we didn’t just call instead. But yeah. Then finally I got into the queue??? There was apparently some queue into the exhibition that I somehow missed lol and everyone was there.. Went in and rushed through rooms looking for you, couldn’t find. Eventually left, upset. Got home or into some room or something and went to you.. social media page. IDEK what it was, just something that you would post messages on idk haha. And there was a first paragraph on how you got separeted from me today and it was so good, that you didn’t have to deal with my rubbish or something like that. And I think included something about my constant need to go to the toilet?? Idk. but yeah. I don’t remember the message but it felt spiteful and it hurt.. And when I woke up I could believe that you wrote that about me, for some reason. And I think I kinda lost hope about us.

I don’t even know what that was about lol but it sucked. It really upset me and I guess the thing that made it worse was that somehow I could believe that you would feel that way. But yeah went back to sleep for another hour or so and eventually felt better. That was an odd dream. I feel very alone.



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