Can we please??


Hi babe!! One day after As could we go to Din Tai Fung please? Its Chinese cuisine I know but omg I really want to let you try some.  xiaolongbao (Small Dragon Buns lol) (ie soup dumplings) are like, one of my favourite dishes ever and they’re really well known for good XLB. We’ll get the chicken one, not the pork don’t worry! I usually get the classic pork so idk how the chicken is but ahhh idm eating the chicken just so you can eat stuff too hehe :))

Or if its too ex we can go find a smaller less expensive place but yes!! We can get the fried rice and 10pc chicken XLB hehe :)) I hope the chicken is niceeee and I hope you like it hahaha but let’s see. Sosososo can? 🙂


(AND BTW. I know you definitely can and will do well for Physics and Hgeog. Somewhere inside I think you know it too.)


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