cause of my demise. I know you’ve tried to cheer me up and motivate me. You’re probably sick of me. run through of recent days to better explain my mood.


  1. Get back math paper 2 mock first thing in the morning. 58. for my stronger paper. for an easy paper. such joy.
  2. geog. overall did badly, but human essay was terrible again. Even worse this time. 8/25, 4 and 4. For population. 12/25 for glob. Feels like Prelims essay again. But worse. I studied for human both times. Not like crazy, but I studied.
  3. coco comes and tells me that people are doing really well for geog. And my favourite – “oh you didn’t score well for essay.” Perhaps it was meant as a statement but yeah you didn’t have to point it out. After that he tells me he got 38 (or 39?) for essay.
  4. Oh. Halfway through lecture. He commented on my  insta picture of him – “wth don’t take picture without telling me please.” Small shit I know but it hurt. Why was the wth needed. And please I only take and post photos of people I am fond of. ended up deleting the photo after considering after lecture.
  5. Stupid dayre posts stupid shit which makes me angry.

Friday – starts of well

  1. Econs questions all stuck like shit. Everything is foreign and taking so long to go through. Haven’t even touched past A level papers yet. Frustrated but not too bad.
  2. Cannot do simple vectors questions. Feels freaking terrible.
  3. Lose drive.
  4. Do nothing for 2.5 hours after I get home in order to fall asleep with him. Call wasn’t bad, but still slept with a heavy heart.


  1. Wake up 1.5 hours late. the last 1 hour was the most infuriating.
  2. Do nothing the entire day but a GP paper and flip through geog pop resource.
  3. type this.

I have to study either way. whether I’m happy or not. sorry if you don’t want to talk to me after reading this .


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