Hello sweet!!

Press on for As okay, they will end soon and you’ll get the rest you need. Do your best for the remaining days and it will be ok. Here’s something to look forward to once As have ended!

Since we only have a few days before As end and you leave…

27th (evening): You going out with your class after paper? You can! I don’t mind, and I think your class will likely want to do that too. Do go if they ask you to! I think it’ll be not bad since I expect majority to go 🙂 We can meet in the evening for a meal/walk if you have time after it all, but either ways no worries!

28th: I have the cirque de soliel thing in the evening, at marina! So mm we can go to marina barrage perhaps? We can go fly kites and stroll around the grassy area in the afternoon/eat 🙂

29th: Can we go to the farm/garden thing at jurong area? hehe. I’m hoping that it won’t rain. I wanna go see the mice and animals and all! Excited natasha 🙂

30th: Let’s go cycling! We can go ECP to cycle, or even Bishan park if you want. Since yknow, there’s the river there and a family of otters: 🙂

31st: Hmm can we go to the trampoline park please? Although its expensive 😦 but ehh it looks fun heh :p // alternatively we can go to adventure cove?? 😀 Or both heheh but expensive but ish okay we discuss then!

— That’s all for now. I actually have more plans hehe but I’ll type them out some other day. But yes! This is a reminder that there are fun things awaiting after As and that you’ll be well rewarded for your hard work now. Just keep swimming and I’ll be just a fin away from you… We’ll get through this 🙂


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