sometimes I worry that we may get bored and tired of each other, but other times, many times, I just want to spend all my time with you. I know its unbalanced and all, but its really wonderful to be able to sit with your for hours after school at KFC. The small baobaos and pecks really make me happy, and the entire situation lets me feel so emotionally bonded with you… It feels magical :’)

I really want us to go to uni together.. so lets work towards it. We get our straight As and go up on stage together.. We be the local/scholar version of muggercorner hahaha. I know we both have the potential and we definitely can do well. We just need to study.

Exhausted you fell asleep tonight haha poor thing. Hope your neck will be okay and not strained. See you tomorrow hopefully if you get up in time for GP :p aish need to do econs tomorrow but other subjects first bah.



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