hello my love, I see that your visits to this site increases as your mood feels bad? I hope that the next time you read this your feeling cheery still 🙂 but if you’re not, its okay, just look after yourself and sleep more and this too will pass. This too will pass.

I can finally type here because I got my laptop back, yay! Haha. Because the wordpress mobile site is terrible for typing, and honestly so is the keypad of my phone. I’m a little worried that this computer will shut down on me too often, but I’m hoping that if I avoid running too heavy processes on it it’ll survive.. Although its already over heating but yeah. Lets hope.

Btw I need your admin account and password ahahah. And also you left your Evernote logged in in your account. Don’t worry. I logged out. :p

Today was utterly amazing with you. Today was iceskating and geog on the bus day. Today was a great day, and your company was the best thing ever. I can say more but lets just say that you’re wonderfully caring and thoughtful and a joy to be with. I didn’t want today to end/

Tomorrow we’ll meet to but for work. Its alright, lets do the work we got to get down to. We’ll do this together, and we’re in this together. Hang in there, and do what you can. Like you said; as long as you move – falling, crawling, walking or running, anything is better than not moving. So despite everything of the day, lets do something. Lets make a no-nothing day, ie a day where we can’t do “nothing.” You are amazing and you are strong and I admire and respect and love you.

Stay in my life, thanks/ 🙂


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