heya. I miss you, haha. I realise its really very comforting to have someone by my side, someone who I trust completely and can tell everything and anything. I keep wanting to send you a text but going like, “eh cannot lah” hahahah. Glad you have your family here though, and no I’m 100% not envious of them ok haha I want you to spend time with them šŸ™‚ Its nice that they’re here, must feel good. šŸ™‚ btw I have stuff for you and your parents.


Not sure if I can trust the person who ignored me for so long. In fact, I don’t trust her. I think from that time on I realised how much I have to be careful in what i say or do around her, and how much time i spend with you. It makes me very self consious when I spend time with you when she’s around. Others don’t mind, they either wait patiently or even disturb you (ie stupid chao hahah) but she seems annoyed? idk. Likely she’s just awkward around you but eh whatever it is I don’t like how it looks. I mean, tze is also awkward with you but she’s okay, yknow? And the other one, she’s also very close to the other group suddenly – all of a sudden she stops hanging out with us and all. Not sure if that’s an attempt to spend more time with the other side, but the abruptness and extremeness of it is.. I don’t trust her. tbh I wouldn’t let her follow cats but eh I can’t do that. So yeah.

And the other girl… She seems so innocent and blur but (well duh) she’s not. And for some reason, despite already knowing that, my impression of her has changed so much and I’m even a little scared of her. Idk, something like I don’t trust her as much as before? She’s really nice, I mean, I can’t deny that. But for some reason I’m having issues wrapping my head around it.

They’re both nice people and friends… but not people who I’ll let into my inner circle. Not that easily, at least. One has broken my trust more than once, and I’m not inclined to letting her in again when she’s just going to break her way out in due time.


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