Don’t know if I should write this here but I’ll just put that aside first.

I think its time to be more mature and take up greater responsibility in the household. Its not nice to let my grandma do everything for us. I feel guilty sometimes, and I guess that’s sufficient reason to start doing things. And hopefully she’ll be less cranky. I think also that we should try to get her out of the house more often – all she does now is watch tv, sleep and do housework. And play on her tablet. That’s very bad and unbalanced, she should really get out some more. I think once exams end I should vacuum the house.

Vacuum it every day for 15 mins, and a deep clean once a week. Deep clean should take 1 hour. Means I’ll have to get out the cordless cleaner and charge it for the daily cleans.

Fold my own clothes, and learn to iron them. At least the basic ones. Get a basket and put all our washed clothes in there, then we fold by ourselves.

Wash our own bottles, or use the cups. If use cups then bottles have to be out by 9pm.

Honestly I don’t like doing chores in the day with people looking, so I think I should either do them late at night or wake up early to do them. Its time to be more disciplined. Especially since majority of my household are late wakers, I think it should be nice to have the house to myself in the morning on weekends.


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