This feels like the start of something new

I will work towards being more receptive to debates-ish and being less emotional. bear with me.. I will try. I want many more happy days with you. We will be good.

honestly a really lovely day with him today, felt really happy and at peace. Its a bubbly feeling. And he was really cute too, being retarded and all. And and he got me another gift hehe ahh it was the ntu teddy bear :)) stupid lah he tell me its something I’ll never be able to get ahahahah so cute. And the way he plays with the soft toys and makes faces and was being all soft and cuddly today :’) And hugging me from behind too.. haiz. Love that. And other things, heh. :p Also he got teased by mama and mother and stuff, actually everyone lah haha I think they love him. They usually don’t have such willing participants I think, so they’re quite delighted to fool around with him. Makes me really happy inside to see them joking about and laughing, both them and him. Feels nice, like he can fit in with us 🙂 glad to see that. Then we had a super amazing dinner at ichiban, haha got mother to sponsor us. Freaking full and amazing food I tell you, his face was so cute the entite time so excited omg its rare I’m so (actually I’ve never been this excited and jumpy) going to ichiban before ahahh I love it when I can introduce him to new things and he likes em, makes me feel super happy. And kiddy and playful haha. He took a video of me being excited looking at the menu, I realised that I behave a little differently with him than with others.. I wonder what other people would say if they saw that? Would they say I act cute (I think so sia) haha but honestly, these silly things come naturally when I’m with him. He makes it so easy and natural to be stupid and silly, I love that I can do that with him. And that he does that with me too. I saw the photos he took of me, I really look so happy and tbh, pretty. I like how I look in them. He makes me feel good about my self, and I hope I manage to do the same to him too. because he really looks dashing, heh. I love the way he smiles – not the one for the photo, that’s too forced for my preference, after I’ve seen the way he smiles naturally. I don’t know how to say it, but his eyes really light up and he’s just so bright with excitement and joy and light and his smile is so radiant. Its not the polite sort, but rather one that truly lightens the spirit. I haven’t been able to capture it yet, usually I’m too captured by it + its too quick to catch on camera.. but really, I’m smiling to myself now just thinking of his smile. I love seeing that smile, it tells me that I (or whoever he’s talking to) has made him happy. He looks gorgeous. Each time i say this I’m reminded of what I told him in the past, and how wrong I was.. He really is striking and I love watching him. He’ll go far. I have faith. For now, I have the privilege of his company and  his heart.. A lucky chapter in his life. It may not last for very long, we still don’t know, but whatever it is I’m certain its something I won’t ever forget. I’m honoured that I’ve gotten the chance to write a chapter in your life, my love. I love you.


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