I went to do some reading up on last minute cramming and this is one of the things I came across. Might be one of the reasons which add to your seemingly poor long term memory maybe? Considering how most of your work is crammed last minute. I know lah you might say that your memory in other areas also isn’t too good but eh, that varies actually. But anyway this is for school related stuff:

“The problem with cramming has to do with retention and it is here that previous research, including this study, offers conclusive results. When students cram, the information is stored in short-term memory and information stored there doesn’t stay there long. The results reported in this study illustrate this finding in a very graphic way. A student in the high-cramming category with a course grade of 85 would, at 150 weeks after the course (based on predictions derived from repeated test scores), be retaining only 27 percent of what he or she learned in the course”


(Scheduled post)

Happy mid-exam break btw 🙂


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