feeling really patriotic and proud now. Really proud of Singapore and what we have, the people around us. this is, truly home.

Suyash? I want to thank you for celebrating National Day with me – you’re really quite a Singaporean, haha you’ve integrated quite a lot. But honestly, I’m really happy to have you in my life, and I know that we’ll be okay in the future. Regarding life in uni, btw? I was thinking of it just now, I realised that you would also be quite popular in school. You’ve the personality to attract people, to make people laugh and honestly its lovely being in the centre of your attention. Its enjoyable to talk to you, to share stories and just talk, and I think that many people feel the same. You’re a lightbulb – you bring the flies together HHAHA such a wonderful description. But yes. I think as you mature further too, your personality becomes even more attractive to others. Mindset, I mean. Your childishness ish is cute hehe :p I got a taste of that maturity in your thinking today and welp, lets just say that you’re pretty damn hot to begin with. And idk, I feel you’ll be a great addition to any group you enter, you’ll bring much fun and cheer to them. You’re a good guy, yknow. Sometimes negligent but really, you’re a wonderful person. Even coco tells me so. So yes, do view yourself in a more positive light – I know you’ll be great 🙂

Listen to You’re the Boy, btw. I’m listening to the SG50 playlist on Spotify and this song is playing now, how apt.

things will be good 🙂 it may not be all smooth sailing and it will require work and effort.. but trust me. It’ll be good. My gut tells me so and well, it hasn’t failed me thus far :p

sleep tight sweetheart. I’m going to malaysia tomorrow but my thoughts are with you. it really was an amazing time with you today, words can’t express it. In case you forget though, some things we did today:

National Day Celebrations!

Mass dance with the class as well as with each other for Stereo Hearts 🙂


TAC, with so many groups using See You Again as their song ahahha hilarious. The Infocomm, MCS and Floorball vids were hilarious, if you recall them.

Then we went to Bugis area for laksa!! So good holy macaroni that place is amazing. How will I eat laksa or YTF without thinking of you, you tell me? Silly boy of mine. Oh we also had honeydew juice and… ice kacang dundundun!

Shopped for swim suits and haha you stood out there for so long thank you :p

Starbucks to play some Assassin’s Creed and daymm its so fun climbing HAHA.

Bus back! A sleepy sleepy Suyash (and cold) on the way back, you’re adorable you know? I could spend an afternoon with you just to have you sleep on me. So blur and cute hahaha your sounds and words aiyo. Just want to hug you so tight :’) You’re lovely. Then we took 12 back to hostel again and we played with friend for a bit and hhah do you remember me helplessly cupping my hands after it all and us just laughing like crazy haha damn it felt good 🙂 and ah you looked so happy laughing too. You look very very very good when you smile :’) Ps we left your tissues on the bus :X HAHA

Then we had prata so shiok today! And saw J/JW at the fountain haha and you walked me to my busstop 🙂 At night you called me but I was sleeping and speaking rubbish so you gave up on me ahahah.

Its 3.54 now and I should sleep. But I think it was a good idea to recount whatever happened.. I don’t wanna forget it. I’ll see you again on Tuesday 🙂 Take care silly 🙂


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