home is playing on the tv outside, and honestly, I love that song. It brings back so many memories and yes, yes this is home. Kind of wish I could be in Singapore for National Day; its the 50th year but we’re not spending it here. National Day has traditionally been a day of many festivities for me – not because of the things I do with my family, but rather the many things i do with the herd. I remember spending it one year in Sec 2 I believe, doing CIP at Shuang’s house. Another time we went to Cordy’s place and watched the parade there. Honestly quite very grateful for the many memories and times I’ve had both in Singapore as well as wiht my clique.

Last year I spent National Day with you, at SLC camp. I remember quite a lot of it. I especially remember constantly trying to get your attention, hahah. I remember trying to sing song lyrics to you, I remember singing Home with the SLC people. I remember you, me and Clarissa singing Home after training as we walked from the front gate to the back. It was dark and about 8, there were cars driving past us but no one in the vicinity. And we were singing, we were singing so happily. I remember that time with a sense of peace and a sort of quiet joy, something like the soft murmur of a brook. That was a really good time.

I kind of wish I could spend National Day with you one year. Not in a group, but rather just me and you. Maybe next year. We could go watch the fireworks in the cool night, (where around us are many other couples doing the same haha). Your hand around my shoulder and my hand on your knee. Or something. That’ll be nice. No time for such frivolous things this year, sadly, so hopefully the next few years will grant us the chance. Home.


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