feeling sucky and sick with so much to do. Kind of confused and insecure for some reason, which kind of sucks because I know rationally I shouldn’t be feeling this way but I still am. Shouldn’t be so but I think that because there were no message replies for so long I ended up feeling a bit odd? IDK haha because I know rationally there’s nothing wrong with that but even so, I have to keep myself from trying to get replies out of you.. Was nice listening to your stories of today though. Wanted to tell you about my day but I dk at the end of it all I didn’t have much to say bcos everything sounded boring and you sounded quite bored, haha. Probably bcos you couldn’t hear me but yeah lah. Aiya honestly I think I’m just over-hormonal today. Add that to a sick natasha and you get a very off one. Hope tomorrow will be a better day man

More thoughts: I actually think it may be an issue of jealousy? Hm. How funny, haha, since I usually don’t feel it that actively. Like when I see pictures on insta of you, you’re always super happy and cheerful and I feel a tinge, for some reason. Not sure if it may be like, slight sadness that I’m not there or like, jealousy that idk. You’re so happy without me. NOTE: all of this is very normal and right and its not something that I should be feeling. So don’t worry that I’ll take it out on you or demand something or idk, something stupid. I know it something I’ve to work on (bcos really I’m also really happy to see you so happy 🙂 the more sane side of me, that is. Actually I think we’re more cheerful when we spend more time with other people rather than all the time with each other haha so ya) idk I just like to feel wanted and desired, you know? hahah. Drinking microwaved cornsoup now and I wish you were here so I could hug you to sleep HAHA but ah one never gets such good things in life. OHOH. I dreamt of you again today. Twice. After so long, you’re finally the main character in my dreams again. hahah


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