I put you over myself too often, too much. So much so that its not good for me. I have to stop doing this. This is a battle for myself alone, a mental one. I have to do this. For my own good.


each day spent at macdonalds is a different one, always with different stories, new people. Each day so far has been memorable, the people a wide variety.

Today as I sit in the warm corner, an old man sat down abruptly at my table, opposite me. Without a word he sat in my booth and took out a macdonalds cup, pouring what I guess to be alcohol into it. I can’t smell it, but it looks like an alcohol bottle of some sort. I looked up at him and nodded in acknowledgment, he nodded back. I’m looking at him now, hunched over in his white dress shirt. His hair is wispy, white with the remnants of black underneath. He moves with agility and swift actions, cutting and cutting small limes with his blade and pouring macdonalds salt over them. He squeezes the salty juice into his cup, the salt overwhelms the lime top, is his drink not salty enough? I wonder if he plans on drinking it, he hasn’t made any movement to do so thus far. Now he is standing and continuing this process, how many limes did he even bring here?

I was initially shocked and even scared, I was afraid that he’d be the sort of mentally unstable old men. But I realised that no, he wasn’t.. Although I’ve yet to know who he is. He’s just thrown away the newspaper which I believed contained the limes, this is the second time he has walked away from the table. The first was to throw something away – he even cleared my used tissue paper. Upon his return then he took a sip from the cup of water in front of him. My cup, mind you, hahaha. I don’t mind. I wonder what’s going to happen next.

Today has been a bumpy day, a mixture of emotions and thoughts. People’s past are what have molded them into their selves today – the past isn’t as bad as you may think. You can’t change a person’s past – but can you accept it? You can’t change a person either, really.

good day studying kinda and new phone! your excitement and enthusiasm for it is so cute hahah you’re so cute today omg. Good time 🙂

Kenna scolded by a teacher today, same as you lah haha. But yeah time to buck up, we can’t let our complacency screw us over. things will be good but we gotta make it so. and we shall. we’ll prove it to them

hehe babe

don’t want to hurt you anymore / I’m too childish for this still? Don’t know if this is the best idea, what if I’m not invited back anymore? How long? Selfish considerations of course. I’m thinking here that at least for now.. till I get my mind in order.. it may rather be better for you if I don’t contact you ie drag you down. I hope, I believe that you’ll be okay without me for a bit.

Feel like puking