I wonder how these potential IP kids view our school. Its likely that they don’t know of the way many of us see the school, its likely that may are applying because of its rather dignified name – Temasek. I wonder if they’ll like the school, if the call of fresh pastries wafting from the GNC will lure them just like it lures us in. I wonder if TJ will be able to give them the same sense of belonging and home that some schools have managed to give their students; years spent in IJ have given me the privilege to really feel at home in a school. The combined spirit of a school, when it comes together, when we all come together, it really is a wonderful feeling. I wonder if TJ will be able to give these students such an opportunity. I hope it does. I really hope that with time, this school will regain its former glory and pride. Glory and reputation isn’t as important as the pride we have for our school though, I feel. It would though, help if there was something we felt proud of.. But even so. I really hope that following batches of students would be able to enjoy the school

damn tired. Its gonna be a long day today with TDSS and geog make up, especially since there’s so much to be done for class tomorrow.


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