24 July 2015

“like a small boat, in an ocean // sending big waves into motion”

Listened to Fight Song for the first time yesterday when I wasn’t feeling too happy and listening again to it now.. It’s really quite nice 🙂 Today was a good day!

1. Had quite a productive class with Mahmood today haha he’s really quite a good teacher and analyst. Not bad 🙂

2. Ning was telling me about her senior-junior issues aiyo why so complicated sia. But its nice to be in the know. Really hope she settles it in the best way possible.

3. Jiayi came back today!! She was telling us about her life in China (crazy, I swear.) and how she topped English because, well, DUH. And a shit lot more things like how she runs 10km a day and eats so little like whut. Breakfast is cereal?? with can’t remember what. Lunch is just veg with 2 plus spoons of meat, no rice. And soup. Dinner is just fruits and milk and something else that’s tiny like I swear she’s crazy thin now 😮 Oh she also mimicked the English Listening Comprehensions4. that they have there ahaha apparently its something like a conversation between a boy and his mother about wanting cake.. Then the questions are: “What is their relationship?” HAHAH. hilarious. Oh she also crashed HGeog class for a while and pretended to be Mr Wong when his back was turned, announcing to the class that “okay class, today we’ll be going through… Population!” And Mr wong took so long to realise hahah so funny 🙂

– haha I just saw that I had 2 WA messages from Suyash at 12.48am and was like woah he’s awake?? And was quite excited hahah but when I opened them I realised that its just messages from long before that my phone didn’t notify me of haha aiyo –

4. Photo taking!

5. Went for IKEA dinner with YS, ET, N, YC, ZM, BC and Jamz today hehe had a really good time 🙂 Funish journey otw there too hehe. The fish with the potato/broccoli patty was daaamn good omg I want to go back another day with Suyash hahah so good ❤ Pity he doesn’t eat the meatballs, they’re so good haha! And ah Jamz was hilarious. She couldn’t get the meatballs so she got the fish.. She doesn’t eat vegetables so essentially 2/3 of the dish was uneaten hahaha we ate it for her aiyo sad girl HAHA. The after that we roamed IKEA looking at things and I cuddled so many soft things whee so fun! And when we were about to leave N blew me a kiss HAHAHA I was so shocked I didn’t know how to react HAHA but okay lah saved it quite well if I may just say so myself 😉 Ah yeah she’s been super nice these few days so er idk why but okay not complaining hahaha I think she feels guilty for how she treated us during that tie since she’s now experiencing similar things. but oh well. And BC is so fond of Jamz aiyo so cute I cannot! I envious sia HAHAH.

6. Had a good heart to heart talk with Tze otw back home 🙂 Really enjoy my time with her, its very comfortable.

7. Got home for like 10 minutes before I was summoned to TPY central by Cordy and atas ahaha didn’t know what they wanted sia and it was like 10.30 already. But in the end we sat on the floor of the bus interchange and talked and (I stole their starbucks) till 12am hahah so good to catch up with them again. :’) and aiyooo atas and her new things in life hahaha poor thing but still so funny :p Hope it goes well.

8. S was happy again today. no words 🙂

Everyone’s going through their own challenges. We’ll get through them 🙂


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