Also, I realised that this term is going to be bloody crazy hectic. I hope we survive it well.. Its honestly quite exhausting; we end so late each day with mock papers and all, with IS and LOs still calling for our blood. Tbh not sure when I’ll be able to finish my IS because yeah, I can understand why the seniors took so long to finish it. Apparently we’re supposed to finish it preferably by July but lol evidently not right.. Haiz. Meeting mahmood tomorrow afternoon so hopefully he passes my point (in general. Then can get started on refining it + come up with more points) Please let me finish IS soon gosh..

And tbh.. School is tiring also because aiyo the girl who’s name also starts with N. Must tend to her aiya.. Gah. I also wonder how Caleb is doing – he’s been pretty quiet in class these few days + hasn’t been texting me + posting odd stuff on Facebook.. I hope he’s doing fine, that he’s not texting because he’s too busy texting his moon moon. Actually quite relieved he’s not texting me ah, if not really no time already ahaha. But yeah.

Okay lah, time to do work. I’m thirsty and sleepy 😦 And everyone is sleep including fish 😥 haiz. Let’s get started on this!

(PS you might be reading more of these sort of entries these few days ahah sorry ah not really engaging)


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