Sunshine x Molestor Moon

1.36am: so I had to go and check where we ended off in the previous part, hahah. Can’t write much today because I’ll be meeting you tomorrow to go and check out your new Alienware so yesh.

but, where were we again?? oh, yes. The road crossing. So we were walking into Orchard Gateway, me thinks; we were kinda confused about where we were. Or at least, I was. I recall feeling so high and happy and haha I was hugging your waist the entire time – have I ever mentioned how amazing it is to do that? I love that. Love it equally when you hold me (though actually do you hold my waist??? TBH I can’t recall if you do that or just hold me by my shoulders HAHA dayum ok I shall take more notice :p) but yes. We were walking in the super atas place and there was this shop selling jewellery I recall and I was thinking about it and how it was so expensive and we were walking when suddenly you pulled away from me and walked towards this group of people and pushed this guy and I was like OH Daym we got spotted by your friends. hahaha. took me awhile to realise that they were malaysians, I saw Chin Chin and was quite confused for a bit, like why does she look so familiar? and the other girl was staring at me/smiling ahaha I’ve no idea I just pretended I didn’t know you, honestly. It was super funny ahahah and then later you told me that the girl in the pink shirt was Chin Chin and she had warn that shirt 2x in a row and you had had lunch with them today. I remember you said this as we walked out of the mall, we saw these red long sitting areas and you commented that it looked like.. New York, or something? I’m not sure. But you sounded so amazed by it all, haha. So cute.

After all that we decided to go to Ion to get into their rooftop thingy on the 55th floor. Walked like 600m to get there gosh and were so convinced that we wouldn’t see your juniors again but NOOO as we would find out later ahahah! But yesh. Got to ion and we were super underdressed it was actually quite ridiculous my gosh. Slippers and stuff in the atas levels LOL. So we took the escalators up and tried to find the lift to the 55th floor but eventually, with research, realised it 1) cost like $16 and b) was closed. /weeps. The view would have been amazing. But oh wells 🙂 We shall go somewhere else (Duxton rooftop garden cough cough or MBS the sky park there cough). So on the escalator down I kept calling you my prince for some reason haha and you were fakely insulted oh gosh it was so fun. Such stupid things and games with you are the best ever, I love that you’re so easy to be stupid and silly with, and how you really become so silly with me. It honestly feels so happy when you’re like that, ah I really love it. Saying this reminds me of the bimbo moment you had in Daiso HAHA it was legit freaking funny! I can’t exactly recall what you said but heavens I laughed so bad. Ah that was something I really didn’t expect from you. Made me love you a little more.

You were so shocked they had a Daiso at Ion and was like, “they put one here so that people can say that they shopped at Ion right” hahaha lame sia. But ey, you never know 😉 no idea what we went to Diaso for actually ahah but I made you wear a flower crown and may I just say that you are absolutely lovable ah.. so cute. And you entertain me so :p (maybe unwillingly but hehe you do stupid things for me.. thanks moonlight 🙂 :p) We also played a little of catching around the shelves of Daiso ahaha I swear I love that game. The best is still at Giant that time though (Suntec, the day we had Sumo Salad. We played like stupid around the shelves, laughing super hard and!! I almost caught you hahah you were legit shocked ah damn hilarious. And sometimes when we “caught” each other at the toys section you would pull me in for a quick kiss ahh.. It made me so very happy.) (Also reminds me of the time we played a more exteme form of this game in some mall near orchard.. Where I would try to chase you ahha and eventually lost you in the toilets LOL do you recall?) But yes. I realise that I have so many happy memories with you.. So many times spent laughing and being stupid with you.. Thank you for all of those times, my sunshine. // You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you, so please don’t take my sunshine away. (You sang it to me today, bcos you were telling me how your sis calls me sunshine. She so cute btw. But yes. You sang it and I was like.. /ahhh. You really sing lovely, you’ll deny this for sure I know. I do adore hearing you sing, though. I think a recording of you singing would make me really happy.. recordings, even better. Actually that now makes me crave your singing.. Ah I’ll especially miss it so when you go back home. idk why I keep being reminded of you going back – its just like the thought of As I guess. Always at the back of my mind. Haiz. ohwell. I’ll miss you really much… and it won’t be easy (sure have a few squabbles here and there.. but I’ll miss you so. Texting you and calling you isn’t a sufficient replacement for seeing you in the flesh. Feeling you by my side, smelling you (yes. heh.) miss you. wish I could hold you now and go to sleep..)

I lost myself. Oh right. Bought bubble tea from each a cup and you let me pick the drink and chose 70% sugar instead of 100%.. Thank you love. I really appreciate your.. i can’t think of an appropriate word now, but.. Your gesture. How you let me choose instead of chocolate milk or the like :p I do notice your actions, and thank you for it :’) so whilst we were waiting for the drink WE SAW YOUR JUNIORS AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME. like wat are they stalking us ahaha it was pretty damn hilarious yet again. Should have taken a photo with them man hahha. Funneh.

One last part to go, the bus ride home. I realise that I detoured quite some today but eh, what can I say :p mmm its late, I’m gonna blowdry my hair then brush teeth and sleep.. more work tomorrow (hopefully more productive!!) and then to see you 🙂 ❤ and then jts. Its gonna be a fun day 🙂 eep. Love you my molestor moon :p See you soon x




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