I deserve a kiss

Its 12.41am and I really should be asleep because well, there’s like 5 straight hours of class tomorrow. I should be doing work whilst waiting for the laundry to finish but hey let’s just write this first. hehe. Honestly, it does feel like my memory is slipping me.. I think I really need to begin putting in more effort in recording things again.

I saw my previous post and honestly, it does feel so very long ago. Things feel so much better, so very happy and you’re so happy and loving and honestly it feels utterly amazing. This is the person I fell in love with, and if I recall correctly.. Yesterday was the day I fell in love with you all over again.

How did it begin again? oh, right. It was Vesak Day and there was noone home. We had met up the day before, on Sunday so we decided that it would be better for us to stay home and do our work (btw lol, we haven’t started much work today either haha and its already Wednesday. tbh I think I’m pretty screwed but at the same time I have yet to start panicking so okay. But that’s another story for another day.) Yes. There was noone home and I was home alone for hoursss. Honestly I was a little miffed in the beginning because yeah, I had arranged for it such that the house would be empty but you weren’t here so I was like meh 😦 I really crave cuddle sessions, as you can tell by this. heh. Buuut in the end I got myself out of the funk (by doing loads of laundry and making smoothies LOL) and we ended up Skyping 🙂 A few scares later and we decided that it would be nice to meet up in the evening. /cue travel.

and hahah you stupid kid got distracted with chess ahaha and only realised when I was crossing the bridge to your place. but oh wells. Bought some damn nice smelling banana bread. And sat by the fountain waiting aaaand you came finally! I don’t know why, but you sounded especially apologetic when you apologised and I was quite.. touched? Not sure if that was the right word but yeah it was a good emotion. Went for prata at the usual place (hahah, see how I refer to it as the “usual” place) and I decided to get roti john for once, and you got the mushroom/cheese prata + egg + kosong, which is the best to you but can only eat one of bcos its too oily. Your pratas came super fast and I started helping myself to them and you encouraged me ahaha :p but yeah they were really really nice. And! you actually fed me quite a few bites of prata.. I was really amazed. And idk, it just made me really happy. Didn’t expect of you to feed me, for you to be comfortable enough to do so. Was quite a surprise, honestly. But a happy one. really. And omg we met the uncle knoowsss and the aunty hahah up to now I still can’t believe that they legit appeared omg we were just talking about it so casually ahaha. AND I swear! that cat. Its been such a long while since a cat came up to me like that and oh gosh I miss it. And it was such a plesure and joy watching you play with the cat (as best as you could without your hands, that is..) Like you walked away to the poles and it followed you so cutely and your smile my god. It was so bright and happy and my gosh I swear I love it. It made me so happy to watch you. You were really cute. I even have some photos :p

After that.. hmm. We took a bus (196? 14? I really have no idea lol) to Orchard, I think. I honestly can’t recall the exact locations but we got off and I was so lepakly dressed and still you said I looked nice. Can’t believe you like my hair, its the usual “post-bath” hairstyle but hey, you like how I look after I bathe so yeah what can I say man :p but yeah. We waited so long for the bus because I’ve no idea, it just took really long. And I don’t even know what set us off but hahaaha we were standing in the pathway slightly off the bus stop and you were telling me about your teacher mentor. And you were super hilarious; with each syllable you would push me once on the shoulder haahh and ah, it was just hilarious. I hope you can remember it, what I mean 🙂 And I started pushing you back and idek, it just escalated from there. You were telling me about her shorts (in some memorised fashion, you repeated the opening part quite a few times cos I kept repeating it back to you and pushing you haha) and her pink top (or white) or something and the other half was white and all I could think of was that eh it was like period red mixed with white HAHA I have no idea why I was thinking of that but yes. And you were saying how she’s some Arabian (? or Egyptian?) princess and I burst out laughing.. with water in my mouth. i realise that having water in your mouth makes everything so much more hilarious ahaha because I swear I almost spit it out laughing. And you were laughing so hard at me too my god you were laughing so loudly and happily and it was really just pure happiness. And then when I finally swallowed and took another sip of water, you called me a “queen” and I just spit my water out in laughter and we burst out laughing so damn badly omg you laughed and laughed and had to walk away HAHA and I was doubled over trying no to die o alughter. And I remember that you told me to stop drinking water and laughing because if not the plants would die :p

The bus ride was equally damn hilarious. We boarded the bus when the sun was still up, I remember watching the sunset through the bus/whilst we were walking from the bus when we got off. I want to lie somewhere and watch the skies with you. Then again, practically anything next to you is lovely. Back to it, anyways: We boarded and you commented how we always seem to be riding the older buses recently. So yeah, we sat at the back; this is the sort that has an open area at the back of the top deck so we sat there. And I don’t know… I can’t remeber what we talked about, just that we had an insane tickle war and there was so much frantic and laughter and holding of hands and nuzzling and tickling and noise and.. love. It felt like the beginning of the relationship all over again, you know what I mean? It felt like a fresh start and it felt like you were in love again. There was kissing and nuzzling, but also the “breaking of bones” and a very stressed king and a doctor who I ended up cheating on hahah and at one point you said something like how you prefer this to blowjobs and.. yes. I do too. The intimacy and joy and closeness, I tell you.. Its something really amazing. When we finally alighted we were both drunk on laughter and happiness and love and kisses and it was just so retarded. You sang the cuppycake song to me with cumdrops HAHAHA and I smashed your finger into the traffic light by mistake and ended up kissing your booboo better :p you’re adorable I swear. I remember the whole time your arm was just around me and we were walking/you were dragging me and my arm was around you or we were holding hands or linking arms; its been such a long time since we did such things so happily and its really beautiful. Yesterday.. was really an amazing day.

Its 1.12am and I’ve class tomorrow so I gotta stop writing for now, but I really don’t want to. Writing all this has reminded me of everything that we did and it makes me so happy. Yesterday honestly was the day I fell in love with you again. Its gonna take a long time for me to finish writing all of this, I think – there’s just so much to write because every memory is worth capturing and remembering and I really want to remember tomorrow for as long as I can. I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope. And if you happen to be reading this, my love; I love you. Goodnight for now 🙂 I’ll see you tomorrow.


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