We were talking about yesterday, do you remember? Tattoos, and how I might get one. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, they’ve intrigued me, for some reason. Nothing too cliched, no butterfly (NO LOL) or heart shape or something. White ink tattoos are something which too have caught my attention. Tattoos have the ability to look so classy but also so trashy if you get something ridiculous..

You mentioned how you see your body as something to be.. treasured, something to avoid marring unless unavoidable. I, on the other hand, see our skin as a canvass of our life. It tells a story that words cannot say. A scar here, a mark there, things you’ll remember. A tattoo, to me, is like choosing to say that “yes. This has made an impact on my life and its something I wish to remember forever more.” Its a call to yourself, its a symbol of remembrance. And I think that you’re worth it – you’ve made a home in my heart, a mark on my skin. Of all the people who have walked in and out of my life so far, no one has deserved a permanent tribute as you have.. Few have made such an impact, and even fewer, might I say no one, has made me love as much as you have. You changed my life, you changed who I am.. There was once an analogy I read on reddit, what it was like falling in love. The author likened everyone to a ball of playdoh, a perfect pure single colour. When you meet other people, they leave a bit of their colour on you, and you mix and roll and it becomes part of you. And when you choose to love someone, when you give someone your all.. When you bond and become an entity of each other, these two balls of colour merge into one to form a new perfect, pure colour. And that’s what you’ve done to me. You’ve made me so beautiful, so much more of a person, you’ve brought me to live. And forever I will remember you for that.. It only makes sense to show it on my skin, my ever canvas of life and love and growth and memories. You belong there, I wear you proudly on me.

You say that you don’t want to change me.. I disagree. Changing me is not bad of a thing, we all change, we all grow with respect to each other. You’ve changed me so much and so have I changed you – and I thank you for the person that you’ve molded me into. I love you, and where ever life may bring us,.. A part of me will always belong to you.


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