Letter A Day: Day 3

Hey guys. I’ve been leading the comfortable life, I know. And thank you for it. There are things I wish we could have done, or things that f happened, would make us a more conventional family. It doesn’t matter, though. This is the life that ya’ll have provided for me, and despite its flaws, its too really joyous. So many things to be grateful for, all the small quirks and jokes in the family. Ya’ll weren’t meant to be, let’s face it. Perhaps it could have been fixed in the past, before it all got too bad. But its too late now, we can all see it. I don’t really have a wish that you two would magically fix it all up again, I mean, its normal life now. Not that its a bad thing, of course. Just that it makes for interesting situations. I hope that both of you keep an eye out for each other, be more aware of how you behave towards and when around each other, please. So many hidden grievances, at least within one of you. Sometimes I wonder how you survive, all alone. I wouldn’t want that for myself. I’m not sure what to say, is there anything to say? Whatever it is, please do know that both of us won’t be judging you for whatever you want to do- just do it. 


Reading back, I actually didn’t feel that cringey about these posts. Perhaps its because I was so much more controlled and mature. As compared to the other blog, evidently. How fast time has past.. Now in a new school, practically nothing has come along. Just three friends, and the memories of home. But we’ll create a new idea of home now, we’ll make tj a place filled with memories. 

You’ll be fine, don’t you worry. Things always seem so much more difficult when you’re going through them, but they’ll always be fine in the end. I mean, if you survived art, you can go through so much more. Make new friends, branch out more than in ij. This is the time for new beginnings and letting go of past habits. You can create a new start for yourself. Get involved in things, don’t be afraid to speak up and talk to people. It’ll all be fine and dandy. 

Letter A Day: Day 1

Day 1: Your best friend

Abit saturated already, but oh well.

I’ve a feeling we might drift eventually, since we don’t have a habit of constantly texting each other. At the same time though, I believe that whenever we do meet, it’ll fall back to the old times as usual. The hand-holding, the insults and pet names, the jokes. I really miss being so touchy with you, its not possible in TJ. I would too like to believe that you missed it, for you were really really touchy on Electric Run. Thanks for that, by the way. I really enjoyed myself 🙂

Had a good time talking with you and your sister at BK that day too, so it seems we share the same sentiments. Actually, typing this, do I realise how much I have to tell you. Thank you for the 2 years in secondary school, you really made school so much more fun. YOu’re destined for great things, my dear. You’ve the potential to go so far.

Be good.

Love, Snuggle Bug.