A favourite memory [Day 5]

Throwback Thursday: A favourite memory

I don’t know, really. Perhaps its true that we only remember the bad memories, the happy ones tend to fade into the background. Or maybe its just my short-term memory, haha.

All I can think about is the day of the english Olevel oral. That was quite hilarious, I must say. The whole bizarreness of the situation. The male examiner was so friendly, so jokey that I felt immediately at ease with them. He had a cheery smile, too. Remember him greeting me as I sat down, and it was as if we were friends before or something. Then Nhi started reading and I COULDN’T HEAR MYSELF THINK HAHAHAH. That really broke the ice. We covering one ear whilst reading.

Back to class after that, and we played those ridiculous games hahaha. And she stayed back with us, amazingly. The sun was setting and it shined its rays through the glass front door of the Pascal. And she stood in the direct line of it gosh her face was like lighted up. In both senses of the word. She was laughing and hahah and there were those laughter lines at the sides of her eyes. I think after reading those books bout Duchenne smiles and everything, I keep getting amazed by her smiles. Boom.

And when I was trying to guess the trick of those games, and she was laughing. I think I’ve effectively come to the conclusion that I enjoy eye contact with her, yes? That’s cos its so rare, I would think. I like having her attention.

So yes. Games. Where the Light Bounces, Fuzzy Wuzzy etc. Killed so much time with them, and walked to the hub with them too. Theng and clique, Chang, Jei Min. She turned down her extended flock to walk with us, I recall. Mild awkwardness but sweetness. Ish?

I don’t know if that’s a favourite memory, really. Do I have a favourite memory? Favourite implies like, utmost, number 1, best. I’ve memories that I like, that I treasure. But favourite? I don’t know. This isn’t my “favourite,” its just one of those that I remember fondly of, I would think. And it might lose its golden shimmer, soon. Perhaps. As time wears by, and thoughts subside /coughcough, self.


Message to self: Leave comments here/thoughts/changes when you come back to read this in the future. Tell me what has changed. Does she still laugh like that? Do ya’ll even keep in contact? Tell me what other happy memories you have. How’s Chang, how’s Theng? I hope everything is fine. How’s the swing, if you still remember what I mean. And yes, how badly did you cringe when reading all these?? 0-10.

18 April, 2014: I can’t believe that this was what, 7 months ago? Time has really flown by, especially in JC. Yes self, things have definitely changed. She’s still as close to her flock, of course, and we are but the same in rank. HAHA. But don’t you worry, it doesn’t make that much of an impact anymore. You know what? The thing you were trying to hard to control in the past has rather rapidly disappearded, thanks to t alck of interaction. Its not that I didn’t try, of course. But it just wasn’t working out. Oh well. I’ll remember what you once felt about her- looking back its all so clear. And yes, I do believe that she still laughs like that. She’s pretty, ain’t she.

You had a new one just awhile ago, but I again trying to keep it down. It definitely wasn’t as bad as this, though. TF was easier.

Chang, well, you’ve a letter dedicated to her. Day One. She’s amazing. I strongly believe that she’s doing well, but we don’t really message, you understand me? It was the convenience of distance that brought us today. For some damn good memories, I’ll add on. I believe that whenever we meet up again, it’ll just be like the old times. Went out with her last Saturday, at Electric Run. Don’t know what I was so worried about 🙂 Messaging her ain’t as good as seeing her in person.

Theng, well she’s too doing well. At first we met up quite often, like once a month? And messaged quite often too. But then I realise that she’s also busy, and just doesn’t have the time to meet up/ talk so often. So I decreased contact. She’s a lovely friend though, we /do still talk. Just much less. And really, sometimes about nothing. She doesn’t know much about me, and I her. Personal things, I mean. Like the way the herd knows. But oh well. And no, I don’t remember the swing. WHAT SWING?? Bowling swing? But its too late in the year to talk about that, no?…


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