Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

Look at the stars/ Look how they shine for you/ And everything that you do

You’re addictive. Perhaps its the way none of us know much about you, your circle is small and tight. We call you guys the flock, you know. And its obvious that they’ll come above us all. I guess its something that we know we can’t fight- we just hope that you’ll come back sometimes. 

And that’s been working. All of a sudden, you stuck close to us and hell did we love it. Its the way you carry yourself, maybe. The way you talk and think. 

Your eyes are gorgeous, I love your smile, the way you laugh. I adore the way your eyes crinkle up when you’re in full-blown laughter mode. That day, after oral, when I was desperately trying to guess the answer to those mind games. I saw how you burst out laughing and gosh with the sun at your back, you looked amazing. I hope that I’ll always remember the way your eyes twinkle when you laugh.

The way you sit, how long your skirts are but how they still ride up so high. But how natural it is.

I guess I see why everyone’s taken with you, the way you seem to give all your attention. Amazing, you are, despite your many flaws. I see them, don’t you worry. Its just that I guess, its the power of eye-candy (or is it something more heh) 


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